Join Pro Life Processing

We are the only merchant community dedicated to providing merchant processing solutions for organizations, ministries, and businesses committed to the Sanctity of Life. We are here to support you as you consciously avoid service providers who support the taking of innocent lives.

Selecting the company who processes your credit cards is a vital one. In an industry that transacts more than a trillion dollars, most participants only focus on making money. Whether that money is earned from credit card transactions at an abortion clinic or by a nursery, it is of no concern to most financial institutions—but this should not be the case. Cornerstone Payment Systems is a company committed to Life! For this reason, we will never provide credit card processing for businesses that perform abortions or support this heinous industry.

OUR GUARANTEE: The Cornerstone Payment Systems Pro Life Processing program was created specifically to support Pro Life organizations, to improve their donor and user experience, to help them save money, and provide an additional revenue stream. We serve all kinds of Pro Life organizations, from student groups to pregnancy resource centers, to large national organizations, and will find the solution that is best for you, while helping you save money.